The project

MIC is a collaborative grant project funded by The French National Research Agency (grant number ANR-22-CE33-0017), started in November 2022 and for 48 months.

MIC aims at studying and promoting microgesture-based interaction by putting it in practice in real-life use situations. Microgestures are hand gestures performed on one hand with the same hand. Examples include tap and swipe gestures performed by one finger on another finger. We study interaction techniques based on microgestures or on the combination of microgestures with another modality including haptic feedback as well as mechanisms that support discoverability and learnability of microgestures.

Examples of microgestures
Examples of microgestures

We focus on three different contexts of use:

  1. Augmented/Virtual Reality because microgesture interaction does not require us to hold any external device and is less physically demanding than mid-air interaction.
  2. Car driving because microgestures may be performed in parallel with other tasks, they only require a few seconds and only one hand.
  3. Eyes-free interaction (i.e. users with visual impairments) because users can perform microgestures by relying on proprioception only, without looking at their hand.